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Universal toilet next to (north side of) the restroom in Gyoen Gardens, Nakadachiuri-dori Open 24hrs

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  • Exterior/neighborhoodExterior/neighborhood
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  • Point facilitiesPoint facilities

Toilet type

  • Gender Specific
  • Baby Bed
  • 24hr

There is a universal toilet inside the gender specific conventional toilets next to the restroom that is close to the entrance near Nakadachiuri-dori. (Month checked: 2014.Jun, )


The left side is the women’s toilet and the right side is the men’s. Both have hand washing space immediately inside the entrances and baby beds installed at the back.


The toilets are equipped with textured paving blocks for guidance.

Point facilities

When sat on the seat of the women’s wheelchair friendly toilet, there is a movable handrail on the left and a fixed handrail on the right. On the right side wall there is an automatic washbasin, flush button and emergency button while in the men’s wheelchair friendly toilet the setup is the reverse.

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