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About Uni-Navi

Uni-Navi is short for Kyoto Universal Tourism Navigation, a site where you can search for wheelchair friendly sightseeing courses and spots as well as barrier-free info.


Sightseeing Courses

This introduces the sightseeing courses recommended in Uni-Navi. PDF versions of the courses also can be downloaded here.
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Barrier Free Info (Amenity/Facility Search)

Amenities and facilities can be searched for using a word, genre, area and/or positional information. Using a smartphone or mobile phone with GPS function to search for positional information will show up toilets, temples, shrines, stations and other such facilities in the area the user is in.
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This shows news and updates from Uni-Navi.
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About Icons

The icons used on the pages providing information and details on searches for sightseeing courses and amenities/facilities/toilets, etc., have the following meanings.

Toilet Types

Universal toilet (with ostomate facilities) Universal toilet (with ostomate facilities)
Universal toilet (with baby facilities) Universal toilet (with baby facilities)
Gender-specific toilets Gender-specific toilets
Wheelchair friendly (amenity) toilet Wheelchair friendly (amenity) toilet
Baby (amenity) toilet Baby (amenity) toilet
Ostomate (facility) toilet Ostomate (facility) toilet
24hr toilet 24hr toilet
Bidet-equipped toilet Bidet-equipped toilet

Facilities, etc.

Facility (shrine, temple, art museum, etc.) Facility (shrine, temple, art museum, etc.)
Accommodation (ryokan, hotel, etc.) Accommodation (ryokan, hotel, etc.)
Station Station
Restaurant Restaurant
Area/Course (for wheelchair users) Area/Course (for wheelchair users)
Area/Course (for visually impaired people) Area/Course (for visually impaired people)
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