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[Facility] Teradaya Inn

[Hours] 10:00 -16:00(Reception ends: 15:40)
[Hols] 1 Jan to 3 Jan, Off-season: Mon/Irregular hols

  • Audio Guidance, Braille
  • Unevenness (five or more centimeters)
  • Stairs
Teradaya Inn

Teradaya Inn

This is the inn for sailors that became one of the stages where the history was made during the last days of the shogunate. It is said that the original building was on the east side of the current one. When it became famous, Fushimi was the entrance to Kyoto for boats coming from Osaka. And, as such, it was a lively rive port town with some 39 inns, among which the Teradaya inn numbered feudal retainers from the Satsuma Domain and Ryoma Sakamoto among its guests. The inn's fame comes from two events. The first, in 1862, known as the "Teradaya disturbance", was a bloody dispute between retainers of the Satsuma Domain, with nine people being killed. The second, in 1866, known as the "Teradaya incident", was an attack by the men of the Fushimi magistrate on Ryoma Sakamoto, who was hiding out in the inn. The incident is famous for the actions of Ryoma's wife Oryo who became aware of the attackers and is said to have jumped out of the bath naked and to go and warn Ryoma of the pressing danger. The inside of the inn may be viewed and related items are on display. On holidays, there is a guide available between 1:00pm and 3:40pm (during popular seasons the guide starts at 11:00am). The tours are conducted in groups. In the second storey room "Kumonoma" an audio explanation is regularly played.
The building is old so lintels are low and stairs steep. Visually impaired visitors will need to come with a helper to guide them around. Please contact Teradaya in advance to discuss the possibility of bringing a guide dog.
(Month checked: 2011.Oct, )

Location Minamihama-cho Fushimi-ku,Kyoto, 612-8045
Tel 075-622-0243
Access City Bus Kyobashi Alight and walk 2min, Kintetsu Momoyama-Goryo-mae Stn.: Alight and walk 15min, Keihan Chushojima Stn.: Alight and 5-min walk
Charges [Charge] General public:¥400, Jnr & Snr High Sch and Uni students: ¥300, Elementary Sch Students:¥200
[Discounts for disabled] Disabled person (must show disability card): ¥100 discount
[Group charge] General public: ¥360, Jnr & Snr High Sch and Uni students: ¥250, Elementary Sch Students: ¥150
[Parking]2 cars
[Wheelchair marked parking] None
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] None
[Services] Audio guide /Staff or volunteers provide guided tours (only on Sat, Sun, Nat Hols)/Multi-lingual pamphlet (Japanese pamphlet has some English explanations)

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EntranceThe front of the Teradaya Inn fronts onto the road you have come along. To find the entrance, face the inn, and look to the extreme right of the building, the entrance is there. You will have to get over a five-centimeter high doorsill to enter the lobby. Immediately to your left is the admission booth and a framed opening up into a tatami mat room. Shoes must be removed, placed in a polythene bag and carried by the visitor. There are three steps (the first two are ten centimeters high and the last 25 centimeters) up into the tatami room, which has space for three or four people and handrails on both sides.

Ascending stairs

Ascending stairsTake five steps across the tatami mat room and you will see some stairs on your right. The 14 steep steps have to be negotiated to reach the second floor. These stairs are about one meter wide, so going upstairs in pairs is quite tight. Also, you need to be careful of anyone following you up the stairs. There is a handrail on the left side.

2Fl room

2Fl roomThere are six rooms on the second floor, each with a name. At the top of the stairs on the right is the Kumo-no-ma room, which is actually two rooms. Note that overhead woodwork and doorways are low (about 173 centimeters off the ground), so watch your head. The other rooms are Tsuki-no-ma, Hana-no-ma, Ume-no-ma (Ryoma's room), Matsu-no-ma and Take-no-ma, all of which can be viewed freely. In the Ume-no-ma room, there is a hanging scroll depicting Ryoma and a replica of the pistol he used.

Descending corridor

Descending corridorBetween the Take-no-ma and Matsu-no-ma rooms stands the stairs (14 steps) to take you back downstairs. Perhaps you can picture Ryoma's wife Ryo dashing up these stairs to warn Ryoma of an attack. Mind your head on the way down, especially at the bottom step.

Remains of bathhouse

Remains of bathhouseAt the bottom of the stairs to the right is a sink and beyond that the bathroom. From the door you can see the humble remains with a bathtub in position. Ceilings and doorframes are very low in this inn, so watch your head wherever you are.


ExitLeaving the remains of the bathroom behind you, take the corridor on the right, a little way down you will see the landlady Otose's room on the left. Go through this room and then straight ahead and the lobby will be on your left. The admission booth also sells goods that you will not find anywhere else, so this might be an opportunity to do a little souvenir purchasing. Leave the inn by the front door. Negotiate the ten-centimeter high doorsill and exit into the open space on the east side of the building. This graveled area has tombstones to mark the retainers who died in the Teradaya Incident as well as a statue of Ryoma.

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