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[Facility] Rokudo Chinno-ji Temple

[Gate Hours] 7:00-18:00
[Hols] 28 Dec to 31 Dec

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Rokudo Chinno-ji Temple

Rokudo Chinno-ji Temple

Known affectionately as "Rokudo-san". This temple belongs to the Kenni-ji school of the Rinzai sect. The well here is well known as the one that Ono Takamura used to access the underworld. Also, this temple is famous for "Rokudo Mairi", a period in which worshippers come to the temple to pray for their ancestors during Obon (mid August) each year. In Heian times, Rokudo Chinno-ji Temple faced onto the road that led to the east cemeteries in Toribeno and so the temple is known as the entrance to the other world and this world, or the Rokudo-no-Tsuji (the intersection of six paths to the six realms). And, even to this day, locals believe that the Rokudo intersection is where spirit's lives change to send them on one of the routes: hell, purgatory of hunger, purgatory of animal passion, Asura realm, human realm and heaven. And, as these are the paths of spirits, people come to Rokudo Chinno-ji Temple during Obon to welcome their ancestors. Twice a year, a normally closed hall is opened specially for public viewing.
The grounds are paved with flagstones so access is smooth. The toilet available during special opening periods is a conventional one, so a nearby public toilet is probably easier to use.
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Location 595 Komatsu-cho Yamatooji-dori Shijo-sagaru 4cho-me Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto, 605-0811
Tel 075-561-4129
Fax 075-561-4129
Access City Bus Kiyomizu-michi Alight and 5-min walk, Keihan Gion-Shijo Stn.: Alight and walk 20min, Keihan Kiyomizu-Gojo Stn.: Alight and walk 20min
Charges [Discounts for disabled] Disabled person: Free, One assistant: Free * Must present Disability Card
[Charge] General public (during special open periods):¥500, Jnr High Sch Students: ¥300, Elementary Sch Students: Free
[Parking] 2 cars
[Wheelchair marked parking] None
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] None
[Services] ――

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Rokudo-Chinno Temple entrance

Rokudo-Chinno Temple entranceThe entrance to the temple is on Matsubara-dori. However, there is a steep incline that runs for about seven meters, so wheelchair users might need assistance.

Yakushido hall at Rokudo-Chinno Temple

Yakushido hall at Rokudo-Chinno TempleA seated statue of Yakushi Nyorai (important cultural asset) is enshrined in this hall. This hall is usually closed but is open during the Rokudo-mairi. There are steep steps up to the hall, but wheelchair users can get a view from down on the ground.

Enma-do (Takumura-do) hall at Rokudo-Chinno Temple

Enma-do (Takumura-do) hall at Rokudo-Chinno TempleThere are five images enshrined in the temple, including the King of Hell and Ono Takamura. In the same way as Yakushido hall, the doors of this hall are opened only on special occasions, such as the Rokudo-mairi. However, there are a couple of peepholes (one at 162 centimeters and the other at 130 centimeters) in the latticework where visitors can look inside.

Mukaegane bell at Rokudo-Chinno Temple

Mukaegane bell at Rokudo-Chinno TempleThe sound of this bell is said to reach paradise. And, at the time of Rokudo-mairi, worshippers cue to ring the bell in order to bring back the spirits of their ancestors. This bell also can be rung to purify the soul of the ringer. The bell rope is set at a height of 57 centimeters, so pull gently to find peace.

The well to the other world used by Ono-no-Takamura at Rokudo-Chinno Temple

The well to the other world used by Ono-no-Takamura at Rokudo-Chinno TempleIn the Hondo hall's garden there is a well that the Heian poet Ono Takamura is said to have used to travel between this world and the underworld. On special occasions, visitors can view the well from the room at the rear of the Hondo hall. The usual view is from a viewing hole at the top of some steps on the right side of the hall.

Sai-no-kawara at Rokudo-Chinno Temple

Sai-no-kawara at Rokudo-Chinno TempleOn the left of you as you stand in front of the Hondo main hall is the sai-no-kawara(children's limbo). Off to one side of the rows of stone jizo statues stands a stupor where umbrella pines are cleansed in preparation for Rokudo-mairi (six realms pilgrimage).

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