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[Facility] Atami main store, Kyoto Handicraft Center

[Hours] 10:00 -18:00(Reception ends 17:00 )
[Hols] Open all year round
[Reservation] Must book 2 days in advance

  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Guide Dogs
  • Audio Guidance, Braille
  • Flat
Atami main store, Kyoto Handicraft Center

Atami main store, Kyoto Handicraft Center

At this store, visitors can select one of nine Kyoto-related crafts (including traditional ones) to experience the joy of making pieces of craft. These workshops are held on the third floor of the Amita main store (photo on right) next to the Kyoto Handicraft Center. These one-hour lessons range from Kyoto cloisonné (no restrictions on motifs), Kyoto cloisonné (owl design), ceramic doll painting, spinning top production, woodblock prints, shichimi spice blending, sachet scent blending, Kyoto fan decorating through to Kyoto ivory carving. All of these activities are done at tables, so wheelchair users are more than welcome. Kyoto ivory carving requires works to be put onto straps or pendants, so approximately two weeks are required before works can be handed over. However, all the other activities can be completed on the day in order for participants to take their works home with them. English assistance is available.
The classrooms are on 3Fl of a six-storey building. There is wheelchair friendly toilet on 5Fl and all floors are flat (no steps), so access is good.
(Month checked: 2011.Oct, )

Location 21 Shogoin Entomi-cho Sakyo-ku,Kyoto, 606-8323
Tel 075-761-0142
Fax 075-751-6861
Homepage http:/
Access City Bus Kumano Jinja-shrine-mae Alight and 5-min walk, Keihan Jingu-Marutamachi Sta.: Alight and walk 15min, Higashiyama Subway Sta.: Alight and walk 20min
Charges [Charge] Kyoto cloisonné (no design instruction)/Ceramic doll decorating/Spinning top making/Woodblock print production/Spice blending bag production: ¥1890, Kyoto cloisonné (with design instruction)/Kyoto fan decorating: ¥2940, Kyoto inlaying: ¥3990
[Booking method]Phone, Fax or E-mail
[Required time]Approx. 60min
[Participant numbers] 1 to 16 people (maximum number of wheelchair users who can be accommodated is 16)
[Parking] 8 cars, 5 buses
[Wheelchair marked parking] None
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] Available
[Services] Assistance provided by staff/Guide dog OK/Staff or volunteers provide guided tours/Multi-lingual pamphlet and menu(Eng)/Multi-lingual guide boards (Eng)
[Entrance]Equipped with automatic doors
[Areas where shoes are forbidden] None
[Remarks] Bookings not required for small numbers. However, better service can be provided if wheelchair users book in advance.

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info

Amita Honten entrance

Amita Honten entranceYou will see the Amita Honten sign along with signs for the taster workshop. The entrance has an automatic door and textured paving blocks to make access easier.

Amita Honten elevator

Amita Honten elevatorOnce through the entrance, go straight, and you will see an elevator on the left. Take this to the 3Fl.

3Fl booking area at Amita Honten

3Fl booking area at Amita HontenThe booking counter is in the middle of the sales area as you leave the elevator. Both visitors who have booked in advance and those wishing to participate on the spot should go to the booking counter in order for staff to process bookings.

3Fl classroom at Amita Honten

3Fl classroom at Amita HontenThe classrooms differ for individual and group users. Individuals use the space next to the booking counter and groups use the large room at the rear of the sales area. Both areas have 70-centimeter-high tables with 63 centimeters of leg space underneath. Specific tables are used for woodblock printing. They are 72 centimeters high with 67 centimeters of leg space underneath.

Taster workshops at Amita Honten

Taster workshops at Amita HontenA popular activity here is the scent blending for your own scent bag (rear right in photo). The task involves mixing your own blend from three types of incense, placing your blend in a Nishijin brocade or crepe bag, and then tying off the top with a ribbon. If you have trouble using your hands, the staff will help.

2Fl sales area at Amita Honten

2Fl sales area at Amita HontenThere are western periodicals and books as well as an overseas tourist shop in the classroom on the third floor. While the shop on the second floor deals mainly in food gifts and also has a craft corner where an artisan performs inlay work.

1Fl sales area at Amita Honten

1Fl sales area at Amita HontenJapanese arts and crafts are sold at the sales corner in the ground floor (1Fl) lobby. Popular items here include handkerchiefs, scent bags and straps.

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