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[Accommodation] Ishicho Shogikuen

  • Wheelchair Dining
  • Universal Toilets
  • Assisted Movement
  • Fax, Communicating in Writing

Located in the center of Kyoto, this hotel has a connection to the Japanese statesman Gokoro Katsura (otherwise known as Koin Kido) who was involved in the Meiji Restoration.
Certain staff members have helper qualifications, so those who need assistance can enjoy their stay. (Month checked: 2018.Dec, )

Location Kawaramachi-dori Takeyamachi-higashi-iru Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto, 604-0901
Tel 075-222-1101
Fax 075-231-3172
Staff with helper qualifications employed
Scribing available/Fax writing available
Magnifying glass available
Movable slope can be arranged
Loan of wheelchair can be arranged
Door stopper can be arranged
Handrail on large bath (one side)
Guest room entrances have steps but openings are more than 90cm wide (slide-opening door)/No unevenness at entrances to toilets/Wheelchair entry to Japanese-style rooms possible if cover is laid over tatami mats
Shower chair and bath mat can be arranged in bathroom
Extra bed can be arranged
Elder-care taxi can be called
Allergy countermeasures available
Elevator opening of more than 90cm

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