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[Accommodation] Apical Inn Kyoto

  • Universal Toilets
  • Wheelchair Movement
  • Wheelchair Dining
  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces

Close to the Takano-gawa River and with a view of the Chinese character hou etched into a mountain and lit up during Gozan-no-Okuribi summer festival for the spirits of the departed, this inn has level flooring (no steps) to offer easy access for wheelchair users, and also provides a shuttle bus service to and from the nearest station.

Location 3-3 Matsugasaki Kotakeyabu-cho Sakyo-ku,Kyoto, 606-0967
Tel 075-722-7711
Fax 075-722-2185
Homepage http:/
[Parking]50 vehicles
[Wheelchair marked parking] 1 space(Advanced contact not required)
[Shuttle service] To and from Matsugasaki Subway Sta.
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] Available (1Fl)
・ Accommodation of wheelchairs
・Universal friendly (baby bed)
・Food-related allergies can be accommodated
・Scribing: Possible
・ Bookings and inquiries by phone, fax or email
[Entrance inside facility]
・No unevenness
・Equipped with automatic doors
・Equipped with intercom
[Elevator] Available
・Equipped with mirror

[Movement] No unevenness
[Dining room]
・Table seating (wheelchairs also possible)
・Tatami mat rooms (special chairs available)
[Facilities and equipment that can be borrowed]
・Folding wheelchair
・ Steps
・Door stoppers
[Guest rooms] Conventional guest rooms only
・Entrance doors: Slide-opening doors
・Gap between beds is less than 90cm
・Unevenness: Entrance door, bathroom entrance and toilet entrance

[Wheelchair marked parking] Available
Scribing available/Fax writing available
Pick up service from nearest station available
Elder-care taxi can be called
Handrail on large bath (one side)
Bath mat can be arranged/Bench can be placed in locker room
Extra bed can be arranged
Allergy countermeasures available
Elevator opening is 75cm wide/Mirrors

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