Barrier Free Info

[Accommodation] Chion-in Wajun Kaikan

Check-in: 15:00/Check-out: 10:00 /*Lockup: 23:00

  • Fax, Communicating in Writing
  • Barrier Free Rooms
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Wheelchair Movement
  • Wheelchair Dining
Chion-in Wajun Kaikan

Chion-in Wajun Kaikan

Situated in the convenient locale just in front of the sanmon gate of Chion-in Temple, this is Chioin Temple's guesthouse, with a light and breezy interior that makes the most of natural materials, is spacious and designed to be barrier free. The relaxing rooms and large bath make stays comfortable ones. Accommodation is free of charge, so guests can participate in the morning religious services (Buddhist memorial service change each month). (Month checked: 2018.Dec, )

Location 400-2 Rinka-cho Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto, 605-0062
Tel 075-205-5013
Fax 075-205-5015
Access City Bus Chioin-mae Alight and 5-min walk
Charges 1 night accom plus meals: ¥11,600 upward
Scribing available/Fax writing available
Loan of wheelchair can be arranged
2 barrier free rooms
Movement possible in conventional guest rooms/No unevenness at entrances to guest rooms/No unevenness
at toilet entrances
Door stopper can be arranged
Allergy countermeasures available
Extra bed can be arranged
Bench in locker room
Elevator mirrors/Opening of more than 90cm

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info

Wajun Kaikan accommodation entrance

Wajun Kaikan accommodation entranceMove along the flat passageway with café and shops on the left, pass through the automatic doors of the entrance into the 1Fl check-in counter area. The Wajun Kaikan also has entrances at the first-floor cafe (manual door) and the basement first floor (automatic door).

1Fl check-in counter at Wajun Kaikan

1Fl check-in counter at Wajun KaikanThere is a desk (67 centimeters high) for wheelchair users to sign in from.

Wajun Kaikan lobby

Wajun Kaikan lobbyThis is the lobby next to the check-in counter. There are comfortable sofas to lounge on and a big screen to watch live coverage of services being given in the hall deifying Honen Shonin.

Wajun Kaikan elevators

Wajun Kaikan elevatorsThese are the elevators for moving between the 3Fl and 2Fl. The elevator on the right is the one for wheelchair users as it has an opening of 78 centimeters, handrails, low-set buttons and a full-length mirror.

Wajun Kaikan barrier free rooms

Wajun Kaikan barrier free roomsThere is a barrier free room on both the 2Fl and 3Fl. Each of these rooms is designed to enable wheelchair users to enter directly and reach the beds in their wheelchairs. The entrance is 79 centimeters and the gap between beds is wide enough for a wheelchair user to access. Toilet and bathroom door slides to the right and both facilities have handrails.

Bath house on 2Bfl of Wajun Kaikan

Bath house on 2Bfl of Wajun KaikanThere is a large bath house in the 2Bfl. The left entrance is for women and the right for men. From entrance to changing room is flat. In the changing room there is a bench. In the bathroom there are two showers, 11 washing areas and a large bath with handrails at the entry point. The bath house is open to guest from 3:00pm to 11:00pm. Outside the bath house, there are drink machines.

Kasui-en dining facility in 1Bfl of Wajun Kaikan

Kasui-en dining facility in 1Bfl of Wajun KaikanThis is the dining hall in Wajun Kaikan. This is where guests enjoy breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is a vegetarian meal served at tables in this flat spacious hall, so wheelchair users can enjoy dining here too. Seconds of rice, pickles and soup are freely available. Non-guests may also partake of meals.

Ohiroma hall in Wajun Kaikan

Ohiroma hall in Wajun KaikanIf guests desire, they can make a handwritten copy of a sutra free of charge. This is a chance to free yourself from everyday cares as write down each character of the sutra. Depending on numbers, this activity is held in the Ohiroma room or elsewhere.

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