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[Facility] Museum of Food Culture of Kyoto - Ajiwaikan

[Hours] 8:30-17:00
[Hols] Wed (excluding Nat Hols), 31 Dec to 4 Jan

  • Equipped with Slopes
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Flat
  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces
Museum of Food Culture of Kyoto - Ajiwaikan

Museum of Food Culture of Kyoto - Ajiwaikan

Founded on concept of getting to know the delights of Kyoto food culture, this museum was opened in Kyoto Central Wholesale Market in December 2012. Visitors can fully acquaint themselves with Kyoto food culture through a triangular process: "LOOK!", "MAKE!", "TASTE!" In the display corner, visitors can see the foods traditionally eaten in conjunction with events on the calendar through the seasons as well as planned exhibitions introducing the ancestral foods of Kyoto. Also, there is a permanent exhibition offering insights into the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market, the first of its kind in Japan and opened in 1927. *Note: The planned exhibition is changed over a few days from April 1 each year, so viewing starts from the April 6.
In adjoining facilities, visitors can join cooking classes offering a wide variety of lessons, such as fish filleting and Italian dishes as well as sampling opportunities where visitors can taste various dishes concocted from market ingredients. For further details and booking availability, please see the following homepage: (Month checked: 2018.Dec, )

Location 130 Chudoji Minamimachi (Kyoto fruits and vegetables center The Third-floor) Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto, 600-8813
Tel 075-321-8680
Fax 075-321-8690
Access City Bus Kyoto Research Park-mae, Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus Kyoto Research Park-mae, Kyoto Bus Gojosenbon Alight and walk 2min,JR Tambaguchi Sta.: Alight and walk 3min
Charges Free (Cooking classes vary depending on class)
[Parking] 25 cars
[Wheelchair marked parking] 1 space
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] Available

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info

Entrance to Ajiwaikan building

Entrance to Ajiwaikan buildingThe entrance to the Ajiwaikan (Museum of Food Culture of Kyoto) is on the third floor of the building, which has automatic doors at the first-floor lobby and textured paving blocks in the building vicinity. Besides the building entrance, one of the parking spaces is marked with a wheelchair to reserve it for wheelchair users.

Elevator to Ajiwaikan

Elevator to AjiwaikanPass through the automatic doors at the entrance hall and you will see an elevator on the left. Take this to the 3Fl. The elevator opening is 86 centimeters and there are textured paving blocks in front of the elevator doors.

Ajiwaikan entrance

Ajiwaikan entranceLeave the elevator at the third floor. The entrance to the Ajiwaikan is on your left. This floor has a cooking classroom, a food sampling room and toilets. The floor is covered in carpet tiles.

Ajiwaikan display corner

Ajiwaikan display cornerThe display corner is one entire floor. As soon as you enter, there are permanent exhibits explaining the history, organization of Kyoto Wholesale Central Market and the how the food products are handled. In the center of the floor, there are seasonal displays of ceremonial foods and seasonal foods. To the rear of these there is a planned exhibition showing the traditional food culture of Kyoto. The passageways across the floor are wide and exhibits are placed at levels where they can be comfortably seen by wheelchair users.

Passageway to cooking classroom in Ajiwaikan

Passageway to cooking classroom in AjiwaikanThis is the slightly uphill, carpeted passageway to the cooking classroom, where you will have to take off your shoes and wear slippers (provided). Wheelchair users will need to have their wheels wiped clean. There are lockers next to the shoe racks.

Ajiwaikan cooking classroom

Ajiwaikan cooking classroomThe cooking classroom has eight cooking islands, each able to accommodate four people. The height of one of the islands can be adjusted between 48 and 64 centimeters (height up to underside of table surface) at the push of button, so wheelchair users can join in cooking lessons in comfort.

Ajiwaikan food sampling room

Ajiwaikan food sampling roomThe food sampling room is adjacent to the cooking classroom. There are usually 12 tables in this room, each with 56 centimeters of leg room underneath. If the tables are too low for you, ask for a higher table to be set up.

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