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[Accommodation] Matsui Honkan

  • Barrier Free Rooms
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Wheelchair Movement

This is a comfortable, truly Japanese ryokan in the heart of Kyoto that has one barrier free room to ensure restful stay for all guests. (Month checked: 2018.Dec, )

Location Yanaginobanba Rokkaku-sagaru Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto, 604-8113
Tel 075-221-3535
Fax 075-256-4709
[Parking] None
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] Available (1Fl)
・ Accommodation of wheelchairs
・Food-related allergies can be accommodated

・Foreign language guide to facility available (Eng)
[Entrance inside facility]
・No unevenness
・Equipped with automatic doors
・Equipped with intercom
[Elevator] Available
・Equipped with mirror
[Movement] No unevenness
[Dining room] tatami mat room (chairs available)
[Facilities and equipment that can be borrowed]
・Folding wheelchairs
・Handrails for beds
・Waterproof sheets
・Reclining bed
・Bathing equipment (bathing chair, bath mat and shower cap)
[Guest rooms] 1 barrier free room

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