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[Facility] Kyoto ASNY

[Hours] 9:00~21:00(Sun & Hols: 17:00)
[Hols] Tue (next weekday if Nat Hol), Late Dec-Early Jan(29 Dec~3 Jan)

  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces
  • Guide Dogs
  • Audio Guidance, Braille
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Equipped with Slopes
Kyoto ASNY

Kyoto ASNY

Located next to the Kyoto City Central Library, Kyoto ASNY is a multipurpose study center with conference rooms, research labs, training rooms and a hall. On the ground floor (1Fl), in the Heian-kyo Sosei-Kan Museum there is a 1/1000 size model reproducing the ancient capital of Heian-kyo and earthenware excavated during a study of the site when the building was constructed. (Month checked: 2019.Jan, )

Location marutamachi-dori hichihonmatsu-nishi-iru Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto, 604-8401
Tel 075-802-3141
Fax 075-821-5145
Access City Bus Marutamachi Shichihonmatsu Alight and short walk
Charges [Charge] Heiankyo Soseikan: Free
[Parking] 59 cars
[Wheelchair marked parking] 2 spaces
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] Available
[Services] 2 wheelchairs available/Textured paving blocks /Audio guide (elevator)/Staff or volunteers provide guided tours/Guide dog OK/infirmary/Multi-lingual pamphlet (English, Chinese, hangul)
[Entrance]Automatic door equipped with intercom (front entrance,north entrance,parking entrance)
[Areas where shoes are forbidden]Training room(except Japanese-style roon) entry is possible if wheelchair tires are wiped or covers mounted

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info

Kyoto ASNY entrance

Kyoto ASNY entranceThe incline has a long, gentle slope, so wheelchair access is easy.

Kyoto ASNY Heiankyo Sosei-Kan Museum

Kyoto ASNY Heiankyo Sosei-Kan MuseumThe walkways through the exhibition rooms are wide, making it easy for wheelchair users move around. The model of Heiankyo is easy to see from a seated position. This detailed model of ancient Kyoto really does take you back to those days.

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