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[Facility] Nishijin Textile Center

[Hours] 9:00-17:00
[Hols] 29 Dec to 3 Jan

  • Audio Guidance, Braille
  • Guide Dogs
  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Flat
Nishijin Textile Center

Nishijin Textile Center

This center gives visitors the opportunity to learn how a Kyoto traditional industry runs by offering demonstrations by artisans who perform the processes required to make Nishijin textiles. Also, on the ground floor, there is a "Kimono Show", dazzling with gold and silver brocades that are so redolent of Nishijin, making this show very popular with visitors. Visitors also can participate in hand weaving tasters where 20 x 30cm table center cloths can be woven. Nishijin products are also on display and can be purchased.
Parking has been arranged for wheelchair users and access to the center by wheelchair is possible, so everyone can enjoy the delights of Nishijin. Also, there is a restaurant on the ground floor.
(Month checked: 2011.Dec, )

Location Horikawa-dori Imadegawa-minami-iru Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto, 602-8216
Tel 075-451-9231
Fax 075-432-6156
Homepage http:/
Access City Bus Horikawa Imadegawa Alight and short walk
Charges [Charge] Visiting free
[Parking] 15 buses, 60 cars
[Wheelchair marked parking] 3 spaces
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] 1Fl
[Services] 2 wheelchairs available/Audio guide (*Only at start of shows and for archive announcements)/Multi-lingual pamphlet (Chinese, English, Korean, Taiwanese)
[Entrance inside facility] Equipped with automatic doors *Only south entrance has slope
[Elevator]Opening is more than 90cm
[Movement] No unevenness/Equipped with slope(s)/Passageway is more than 90cm wide/Wheelchair users may enter room if a cover is spread over tatami mats

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