Barrier Free Info

[Facility] Kyoto City Rakusai Bamboo Park, Museum of Bamboo

[Hours] 9:00-17:00 (entry by 16:00)
[Hols] Every Wed, Late Dec-Early Jan

  • Guide Dogs
  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Flat

With a Japanese architectural design, this museum exhibits traditional bamboo products of Kyoto along with Kyoto bamboo, Edison light bulb and panels explaining the dynamics and features of bamboo. Also, the museum combines with a tearoom where visitors can hold tea ceremonies and other events.
The museum can be accessed by wheelchair users in order to enjoy the exhibits.

Location 2-300-3 Oe Kitafukunishi-cho Nishikyo-ku,Kyoto, 610-1112
Tel 075-331-3821
Fax 075-331-3821
Charges Free
[Parking] 3 buses, 22 cars
[Wheelchair marked parking] 2 spaces
[Movement] No unevenness (bamboo facility)/Passageway is more than 90cm wide

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