Barrier Free Info

[Facility] Arashiyama-Takao Parkway

[Hours] 8:00-20:00
[Hols] None

  • Guide Dogs
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets

This is a toll road affording beautiful views of west Kyoto. In the parkway there are facilities like Seseragi Garden, Arashiyama Fishing Area, Shobudaniike Amusement Park, Dog Run Wanyuu Land, Misoradai Amusement Park, Atagoyama Viewing Deck, Herb Garden, Hozu-gawa-kyo Viewing Deck and Ogurayama Viewing Deck.
The walking path heading to the Flower Park (on the toll road route) is a barrier-free path, so wheelchair users can access this facility easily. (Month checked: 2019.Jan, )

Tel 075-871-1221
Fax 075-864-3925
Charges [Discounts for disabled] 1 vehicle: ¥580 *Must present Disability Card
[Charges] 2-wheel vehicle: ¥800 *Not allowed on Sat/Sun/Nat Hols, Micro and small vehicles: ¥1150, Micro-bus ¥2850, Large bus: ¥4650
[Parking] 7 locations/Approx. 800 cars/20 buses
[Wheelchair marked parking] None
[Wheelchair friendly toilet]Kankudai parking
[Services] 2 wheelchairs available *Ask at Kanku shop. Use these to get to nearby "Flower Park".

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