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[Facility] Konkaikomyo-ji Temple

[Hours] 9:00-16:00 * Open all year round

  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces
  • Equipped with Slopes

It is said that the founder of the Jodo-shu sect of Buddhism, Honen Shonin (better known as Kurodani-san in Kyoto), opened this temple. In the grounds stands the Kumagaido hall that is connected to the Tale of the Heike, also there is a three-storied pagoda dedicated to the second Tokugawa shogun, Hidetada. In the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate, the troops of the Aizu Domain (present day Fukushima prefecture) made this temple their base, which also was often visited by the Shinsengumi (shogunate police) that was a subordinate ally of the Aizu Domain. This temple can be easily visited by wheelchair users as there is parking for wheelchair users and the tourist route is wide. (Month checked: 2018.Dec, )

Location 121 Kurodani-cho Sakyo-ku,Kyoto, 606-8331
Tel 075-771-2204
Fax 075-771-0836
Access City Bus higashi-tennou-cho Alight and 5-min walk, City Bus okazaki-michi Alight and 5-min walk
Charges [Discounts for disabled] Entry to grounds is free
[Charge] Offering
[Parking] 80 vehicles
[Wheelchair marked parking] 3 spaces
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] None
[Obstacles] On a hill, so access by car is necessary, nearly all parts of grounds connected by vehicle roads.
[Entrance inside facility] Equipped with intercom
[Movement] Equipped with slopes/Passageway is more than 90cm wide/Wheelchair users may enter room if a cover is spread over tatami mats

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