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Universal (Ostomate)Toilet west of dolphin stadium in Kyoto Aquarium

Category: Toilets | Kyoto Station, To-ji Temple, Sanjusangendo Temple Environs

Toilet west of dolphin stadium in Kyoto AquariumThis is a toilet in the aquarium. There is one universal unisex toilet. The conventional toilet on the women's side has ten cubicles and the men's side has two cubicles (all western style) as well as four urinals .

Universal (Baby)Zest Oike toilet

Category: Toilets | Nijo Castle, Kyoto Gyoen (Imperial Gardens), Seimei-jinja Shrine Environs

Zest Oike toiletThese are the toilets in the underground shopping mall. There is one unisex wheelchair friendly toilet and one universal toilet. The conventional toilet area also has Textured paving blocks installed in certain sections.