About This Site

At Kyoto City, we are pushing ahead with the "Kyoto Universal Tourism Promotion Project" as part of our environment improvement plan to enable everyone – including general tourists, school trips, foreigners and the elderly (in other words, all tourists) – to enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto. With this project, we are promoting efforts for private facilities to become barrier free and enhance the quality of Kyoto as a tourist city. In addition to these, we also are striving to increase the opportunities for everyone to enjoy the myriad wonders of Kyoto.

On top of the current ten model courses for wheelchair sightseeing, sightseeing map and mobile site, this time round we have renewed existing information as well as added two courses "Enjoying Sightseeing Courses without Sight" and included information on yet-unknown wining and dining in the city. With all of these we hope to broadcast the appeal of Kyoto to a far wider audience.

Moreover, we also have developed a Smartphone-dedicated site to go with our conventional mobile site.

We hope that this new site enables lots of people to enjoy further the delights of Kyoto.