Kyoto Universal Tourism Concierge

«Kyoto Universal Tourism Concierge at Your Service» Kyoto Universal Tourism Concierges are universal tourism professionals appointed by Kyoto City. Free-of-charge inquiries can be made about "problems" or "desired information" concerning sightseeing in Kyoto to concierges who have specific knowledge in the various fields of universal tourism, such as in-city barrier free sightseeing info, entrance discount info for the disabled (escorts), time needed to do tours plus much more info, advice and cautions. So, just select the concierge specializing in the info you want, and give him or her a E-mail.

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Utilization Flow

Utilization Flow

How Kyoto Universal Tourism Concierge System came into being

To promote universal tourism for the disabled and the elderly, we, at Kyoto City, gathered together barrier free information on sightseeing courses, cultural facilities, toilets, accommodation, transport systems, and dining, etc., and uploaded it on this homepage.
Meanwhile, there are many people/organizations that are privately using Kyoto as a hub for their forward-thinking ideas for universal tourism, promoting universal tourism in Kyoto in each of their own specialist niches, such as establishing an inquiry desk for barrier-free sightseeing and creating travel plans that cater to the needs of the disabled.
Here, we at Kyoto City (secretariat: Kyoto City Tourism MICE Promotion Office) decided that we should support such wonderful efforts being made by the private groups, and, likewise, appointed the various experts as "Kyoto Universal Tourism Concierges", so that they could become the barrier free Kyoto tourism information inquiry desks. And, with that, together we have built a system aiming to make tourism in Kyoto even more enjoyable.

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