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[Facility] Daigo-ji Temple

[Hours] 9:00-17:00 (1st Sun of Dec and last Sun of Feb: 16:00)(Reception ends 30 mins before closing)
[Hols] Open all year round

  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Unevenness (five or more centimeters)
  • Partially Equipped with Slopes

Back in 874, Rigen Daishi (Shobo) built a retreat on top of Mount Daigo, enshrining images of both the Jundei and Nyoirin Kannons, thus starting off the temple. Daigo-ji Temple has a five-tiered pagoda (national treasure), which is the oldest building in Kyoto prefecture, as well as many other buildings and objects designated as national treasures and important cultural assets, such as the Kondo main hall built by Hideyoshi. The temple was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1994. Moreover, the air-conditioned Reihokan repository publicly displays the Buddhist statues and pictures that recount the history of the temple. Many of these are designated as national treasures and important cultural assets. There are public toilets suitable for use by everyone in the Reihokan and the grounds. (Month checked: 2019.Jan, )

Location 22 Higashioji-cho Daigo Fushimi-ku,Kyoto, 601-1325
Tel 075-571-0002
Fax 075-571-0101
Access Keihan Bus daigo-sanpouin-temple Alight and the destination is there, Alight at Daigo Subway Sta. and walk about 10min
Charges [Discounts for disabled] Disabled person: All visit charges waived, One assistant: Free * Must present Disability Card
[Charge] General public: ¥600 (for each of the following: Garan, Sampo-in, Kamidaigo), Jnr & Snr High Sch Students:¥300, Elementary Sch Students: Free
[Group charge] General public: ¥400 (for each of the following: Garan, Sampo-in, Kamidaigo), Jnr & Snr High Sch Students:¥200, Elementary Sch Students: Free * 30 or more students
[Parking]8 buses, 100 cars
[Wheelchair marked parking] 2 spaces
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] Accommodation of wheelchairs (The Reihokan and Sanpo-in can be found along the detour taken to the south of Niomon gate)
[Services] 1 wheelchair available in Reihokan/Multi-lingual pamphlet (English, Chinese, Korean)
[Obstacles] The way is flat from Somon tower gate to Niomon gate. There are 7 steps at Niomon gate. Kamidaigo cannot be reached by the mountain path by wheelchair. And, moving in the Sanpo-in building is not possible by wheelchair.
[Entrance inside facility] Equipped with automatic doors (only Reihokan)
[Movement] Road has more than 90cm

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