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[Facility] Yatsuhashi-an to Shisyu-yakata

[Hours] 9:00-17:0015分
[Hols] 26 Dec to 31 Dec

  • Partially Equipped with Slopes
Yatsuhashi-an to Shisyu-yakata

Yatsuhashi-an to Shisyu-yakata

This is a workshop facility where visitors can experience making one of three Yatsuhashi confectioneries, red bean paste, strawberry or chocolate. Put these fillings into the Yatsuhashi crepe, fold into triangles and in no time dainty sweets can be prepared as Yatsuhashi gifts. Apart from these Yatsuhashi sweets, some 23 different types of confectioneries can be made in the workshop, such as sweet dumplings, Kyoto-vegetable dumplings, nerikiri-saiku, and seasonal sweets. Furthermore, may dolls can be made and needlework classes undertaken at this facility.
The Yatsuhashi studio also is incorporated into this facility and can be toured free of charge. There also is store retailing various Kyoto gifts, including Yatsuhashi sweets. While in the restaurant seasonal vegetable and tofu are generously used in the dishes served (reservation one day in advance required). On 2Fl there also is the Kyoto Embroidery House, a museum worth viewing (access by stairs only). (Month checked: 2018.Dec, )

Location 36 Nishikyogoku Nishikoromode-cho Ukyo-ku,Kyoto, 615-0877
Tel 0120-77-8284
Fax 075-311-9581
Access Hankyu Nishikyogoku Sta.: Alight and walk 25min, City Bus Nishikyogoku from here a 5-min walk
Charges [Charge] Visiting free, Taster charged separately
[Parking] 10 cars, 8 buses
[Wheelchair marked parking] None
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] None
[Entrance inside facility] Automatic doors
[Movement]Equipped with slopes in some places (entrances)

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