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[Facility] Kuromamesaan Kitao Gion teahouse

[Hours] 11:30-18:30(L.O.18:00)
[Hols] Wed (changes with the season)

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Kuromamesaan Kitao Gion teahouse

Kuromamesaan Kitao Gion teahouse

This long-established teahouse featuring Japanese-style sweets and dining menu cored around the use of black soybeans from Tamba in Kyoto prefecture is very popular with ladies, who enjoy the many unusual dishes created with black soybeans, such as hamburgers and fine somen noodles.
When it comes to sweets, diners can use a stone mill to grind their won fried black soybeans into a powder that can be added to a range of sweets, such as warabimochi or mitarashi-dango.
Also, visitors can purchase black soybean products that make wonderful gifts.
(Month checked: 2013.Mar, )

Location 279-2 Giommachi Kitagawa Higashiyama-ku,Kyoto, 605-0073
Tel 075-551-8811
Fax 075-551-8811
Homepage http:/
Access City Bus Gion Alight and walk 3min
Charges Kinako grinding taster
・With warabimochi (¥630)
・With mitarashi-dango (¥735)
Other set dishes available
[Booking method]Phone, Fax or E-mail
[Required time]Soybean grinding takes about 10min
[Participant numbers] 1 person upward
[Parking] None
[Wheelchair marked parking] None
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] None
[Services] Scribing

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info


EntranceThe entrance on Shijo-dori is a manual hinged door, but if you contact the store in advance, staff will open the door for you. The entrance is flat, so movement is easy.

Sales corner inside store

Sales corner inside storeRight next to the entrance on the right are rows of black soybean products, such as bean confectioneries, candied beans, bean tea and bean rice. If you like soybeans, you will adore this shop. If there is anything out of your reach, just ask a shop assistant to bring it to you.

Drinks space

Drinks spaceIn the passageway of the store there is a comfortable tearoom space. The tables have 67 centimeters of leg space underneath, which may not be enough for some wheelchair users, but sitting sideways to a table is possible.


Okudo-sanAt the rear of the store is a stove in an old-fashioned style that is used to steam and grill dango dumplings.

Single toilet

Single toiletAt the rear of the store on the right just before the stove there is a green shop curtain. Pull this aside and you will see to individual toilets. They are not wheelchair friendly but they both have sliding doors and handrails.

Experiencing soybean flour grinding

Experiencing soybean flour grinding Here, you can use a stone grinder to grind Tamba's famed black soybeans (two or three beans at a time). If the table is too high, turn sideways or ask the shop to arrange a different work surface. The staff will also help you do the grinding if needs be. Once you have ground enough beans, put the powder into a tea strainer, and shake the powder over some sweets.

Mitarashi-dango & warabi-mochi set

Mitarashi-dango & warabi-mochi setSprinkle the soybean powder (kinako) you have made over freshly cooked dumplings (dango) or bracken starch dumplings (warabi mochi), and eat.

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