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[Facility] Kyoto Aquarium

[Hours] 9:00-17:00 (changes during spring & summer hols and late Dec-Early Jan) * Last entry 1hr before closing
[Hols] No hols (closed for safety inspections)

  • Equipped with Slopes
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Flat
  • Audio Guidance, Braille
Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium

Opened in March 2012, this aquarium is the first large-scale marine park in Kyoto, an oceanless city. The concept here is "Life Connected by Water", with the cyclic movement of water, depicted in nine zones from Kyoto water to the ocean, demonstrating how rain becomes rivers that flow into the sea, become rain clouds once more, and return to the mountains to pour down rain again.
The stars of the "Rivers of Kyoto Zone" are giant salamanders (nationally protected species), which are said to be the biggest amphibians in the world – these are a must-see attraction. In the "Sea Animal Zone" there are fur seals and lion seals while, of course, the "Penguin Zone" is home to penguins. The giant open-topped "Main Pool", encompassing the 1Fl and 2Fl, provides seven view spots for taking in the seas that surround Japan. In the "Ocean Zone", there are colorful fish swimming among coral and jellyfish lethargically easing their way through the water to see. Moving on to the "Dolphin Stadium", visitors will be thrilled by the exciting performances given here. And, in the "Beauty of Nature Zone", visitors can study rare aquatic life, while in the "Countryside of Kyoto Zone" there is a terraced rice field installation that shows "life" in the countryside. In addition, in the "Event Hall", there are workshops held on various themes related life and environment. For further details, please see: web site

The aquarium is completely barrier free, so everyone can enjoy the attractions. However, when crowded, moving around may be somewhat difficult. Also, some of the hands-on programs involve "backyard tours" that require stairs and narrow passageways to be negotiated, which may be too difficult for wheelchair users.
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Location 35-1 Kankiji-cho (At Umekoji-koen Park) Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto, 600-8835
Tel 075-354-3130
Fax 075-354-3170
Homepage http:/
Access City Bus Nanajo Omiya・Kyoto Suizokukan-mae, Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus Nanajo Omiya・Kyoto Suizokukan-mae, Nishi Nihon JR Bus Nanajo Omiya・Kyoto Suizokukan-mae Alight and walk about 5min
Charges [Discounts for disabled] Disabled person (must show disability card): Half price, One assistant: Half price
[Charge] General public: ¥2000, Snr High Sch students: ¥1500, Jnr High Sch Students & Elementary Sch Students: ¥1000, Pre-school (3yr-olds and over: )¥600
[Group charge] Adults (20 or more): ¥1800, Snr High Sch students: ¥1350 , Jnr High Sch Students & Elementary Sch Students:¥900, Pre-school (3yr-olds and over): ¥540 * Special discounts for school groups
[Parking] None (charged parking nearby)
[Wheelchair marked parking] None
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] Available
[Services] Wheelchairs available/Guide dog OK/Multi-lingual pamphlet and menu (Eng)/nursing room
[Entrance]Equipped with automatic doors

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info

Aquarium entrance

Aquarium entrance The entrance to the aquarium has automatic double doors and textured paving blocks.

Nursing room in Aquarium

Nursing room in Aquarium There are three nursing rooms in the aquarium. The first one is in the conventional women's toilets just inside the entrance, the next is in the conventional women's toilets in the Penguin Zone and the third is a standalone one on the east side of the Dolphin Stadium. Each one is equipped with feeding bottle water heater, sink, sofa and baby bed.

Info and ticket counter in Aquarium

Info and ticket counter in Aquarium The info counter is lined up with the ticket counter. Anyone who needs a wheelchair should ask for one at the information counter. The counter is at a height that most wheelchair users can reach to purchase their own tickets.

Ticket gate entrance to Aquarium

Ticket gate entrance to AquariumJust like an IC card for train travel, Put the barcode section of the ticket on the reader at the ticket gate, and enter. There are always staff at the ticket gate who will help anyone who needs assistance.

Slope at Rivers of Kyoto Zone

Slope at Rivers of Kyoto Zone Use the slope that runs from the Rivers of Kyoto Zone to get to Sea Animal Zone. The incline is gentle and the handrails are rippled for easier gripping. All areas of the aquarium are wheelchair friendly, as there are also slopes linking up the Large Pool and the Penguin Zone with the Countryside of Kyoto Zone.

Horseshoe shaped pool in Sea Animals Zone

Horseshoe shaped pool in Sea Animals ZoneA section of the fur seal pool is designed in a horseshoe shape, with plenty of room for a wheelchair user to access the horseshoe to enjoy the swimming seals as if in the water with them.

Sea Animal Café

Sea Animal CaféThe Sea Animal Café is located in a corner of the Sea Animal Zone. It offers drinks, ice cream and light meals and snacks. There are benches in front of the pool for visitors to enjoy their refreshments while watching the seals. There is a similar cafe on the west side of the Dolphin Stadium and another one in the Beauty of Nature Zone.

Passageway for large pool

Passageway for large pool The large pool starts from the ground up, so wheelchair users and children also can get a great view. This pool continues up to the second floor, and visitors can follow it up on a gentle slope. There is an elevator part way along the route that can be taken, but it will deliver you to a point beyond the Penguin Zone on the second floor, so it is probably best to follow the pool up on the slope route.

Slope at Penguin Zone

Slope at Penguin Zone One side of the slope at the Penguin Zone is open to the outside to enable visitors to enjoy the breeze of fresh air. The handrail here is a straight pole type. And, in fact, wheelchair level offers one of the best views of the waddling penguins, so enjoy yourself.

Shoreline classroom in Ocean Zone

Shoreline classroom in Ocean ZoneAt the Ocean Zone, beach pools have been recreated in a shoreline classroom where visitors can touch that day's attraction, for example: a Japanese bullhead shark, a starfish or sea cucumber. Wheelchair users can make use of the classroom too, so why not try and touch something.

Dolphin Stadium elevator

Dolphin Stadium elevator There is wheelchair seating on the third floor of the Dolphin Stadium. Use the elevator located just beyond the Event Hall. It has an opening of 110 centimeters and textured paving blocks in front of the doors.

Wheelchair area in Dolphin Stadium

Wheelchair area in Dolphin StadiumAt the Dolphin Stadium, there are two wheelchair friendly viewing spots (each able to accommodate three or four wheelchairs). Also, for those people able to move from their wheelchairs, there are 26 seats designated for wheelchair users. These cannot be booked in advance, but if you tell the staff at the information counter the time at which you intend to watch a performance, staff will aim to get you smoothly seated.

Passageway in Countryside of Kyoto Zone

Passageway in Countryside of Kyoto ZoneA tranquil outdoor world of terraced rice fields and waterways have been recreated in the Countryside of Kyoto Zone. There are no handrails here, but if you proceed with caution, you can move along the trail path. A wheelchair will only just fit on the bridge, so is best avoided. Also, on the west edge, there are some steps.

Aquarium exit

Aquarium exitWheelchair users can exit from the re-entry gate. If you want to re-enter, just tell the staff on duty at this exit, and they will stamp you hand.

Aquarium Museum Shop

Aquarium Museum ShopJust outside the exit is the museum shop, which sells various goods and gifts, such as confectioneries and toy animals, so this is a great place to stock up on souvenirs and gifts. The shop rows are wide, with the narrowest being about 80 centimeters wide. However, getting around the shop may be difficult when it gets crowded.

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