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[Facility] Toei Kyoto Studio Park

9:00-17:00 (Mar-Jul & Sept weekdays, Oct-Nov daily)
9:00-18:00 (Mar-Jul & Sept weekends & hols, Aug daily)
9:30 -16:30 (Dec-Feb weekdays)
9:30 -17:00 (Dec-Feb weekends, hols)
*GW, Mid Aug, year-end hols: Longer hours
*Reception ends: 1hr before closing
[Hols]Mid Jan each year (see homepage for details)

  • Equipped with Slopes
  • Universal (Wheelchair Friendly) Toilets
  • Guide Dogs
  • Wheelchair Parking Spaces
  • Audio Guidance, Braille
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Set in some 53,000 square meters of land, this is a Japanese movie theme park, with an open set for period dramas spreading out across enough land to fill a baseball park. Step into the studio park to instantly slip back in time to the Edo period. And, what is more, visitors can take a look behind the film-set scenes. With a major renewal in 2011, new attractions have been added, such as the Ninja Mystery House, Ukiyo-e Woodcut Print Museum and Toei Anime Museum. Although wheelchair users would find the Ninja Mystery House somewhat difficult to pass through, the Ukiyo-e Woodcut Print Museum and Toei Anime Museum can be easily accessed by wheelchairs to enjoy the fun inside. The park surface is flat and any steps and stairs are equipped with slopes, so wheelchair access is good. Guided park tours by actual actors are available all year round and there are many events held for limited periods too, so check the schedule at the Padios attraction hall. Also, in March 2012, the Haunted House – the scariest in history - was refurbished, so why not take a trip around and see if you can refrain from screaming. (Month checked: 2018.Dec, )

Location 10 Uzumasa Higashihachioka-cho Ukyo-ku,Kyoto, 616-8586
Tel 0570-064-349(Navi Dial)
Fax 075-864-7776
Access [Front entrance] Kyoto Bus " Uzumasa Eigamura-mae" Alight and short walk, City Bus " Uzumasa Eigamura-michi" ・Kyoto Bus " Tokiwa Nakano-cho" " Uzumasa Koryuji-temple-mae" Alight and 5-min walk, Randen Uzumasa-Koryuji Sta.: Alight and 5-min walk, Uzumasa-Tenjingawa Subway Sta.: Alight and walk 12min, JR Hanazono Sta.: Alight and walk 13min
[Film Studio Entrance]City Bus " Uzumasa Hiraki-cho" Alight and 1-min walk, JR Uzumasa Sta.: Alight and 5-min walk
Charges [Discounts for disabled] Half price on display of disability card, and half price for one assistant
[Charge] General public: 2 ¥200, Jnr & Snr High Sch Students: ¥300, 3yr-olds-Elementary Sch Students: ¥100
[Group charge] Jnr & Snr High Sch Students:¥1000, Elementary Sch Students:¥800* School groups receive special discounts
[Parking] 100 buses, 650 cars
[Wheelchair marked parking] 2 spaces (every effort is made to offer parking close to entrance)
[Wheelchair friendly toilet] Available
[Services] 7 wheelchairs available/Audio guide (stationary type)/Guide dog OK/Multi-lingual pamphlet and menu (English, Chinese, Korean)/Multi-lingual guide boards (English names only, Chinese, Korean)
[Entrance] Partially equipped with automatic doors

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Highlights & Barrier Free Info


PadiosThe building at the entrance is called Padios. This is a large indoor entertainment facility, where you can dress up as a movie star from period dramas (charged) and/or head into the studio market lined with gift shops. On the first floor, there is a drama tour area, event space, an information desk, baby room, restaurant and 3D theater (charged). On the second floor, there is an exhibition of battle heroes and Toei animation characters as well as a 3D theater (charged). On the third floor, there is a multi-purpose hall that sometimes runs shows and a wheelchair friendly toilet.

Nakamura-za Theater

Nakamura-za TheaterPass through Padios to move into a bygone world of a Meiji street, with trolley train and delicious aromas wafting from nearby eateries. At the entrance to this street stands the Nakamura-za theater where you can enjoy period drama shows in a recreation of a theater from long ago. The seats are benches but there are locales to the left and right of the benches where wheelchairs uses can watch shows from their wheelchairs.

Location studio

Location studioAt this studio, you can watch from behind a glass barrier actors performing one scene from a period drama on an all-weather stage. Enjoy the humorous performance and get an insight on how the movies are actually made.

Costume photo shop (charged)

Costume photo shop (charged)You can dress up in period costumes for some commemorative photos - so, take you pick: princess, geisha, trooper, ninja or any of the other wonderful costumes available, slip it on over your clothes and snap with the camera. This great photo shoot opportunity takes no more than five minutes. Once in the studio, there is a five-centimeter high step on the way to the photo shoot area and a ten-centimeter high step up into the studio (no shoes allowed). To enter here in a wheelchair, either lay a cover over the tatami mats or have the wheels of your wheelchair wiped clean.
Only princess or lord costumes are available for wheelchair users, but as long as you can get into the studio area, you can dress up and have your photo taken. However, if you have trouble sitting or wearing clothes, dressing up may not be possible.

Open studio set

Open studio setTrue to the Toei Studio Park name, the scenes here take visitors right into the world of movies, with street sets and house sets from long ago all faithfully reproduced for you to enjoy. If you have ever watched a Japanese movie or TV drama, you will be nodding your head in excitement as you view and touch this cinematic time slip. Note that nearly all the sets have low steps (five centimeters high) into them.

Rest areas

Rest areasThere are two rest areas facing onto the central plaza. One is next to the group entrance. Inside there is a sound-effects corner where you can try out some equipment to make various movie sound effects. The other rest area is adjacent to the Animation Museum. This is a spacious area with one section housing an exhibition of the 2005 movie Otokotachi-no-Yamato.

Universal room

Universal roomIn the southeast corner of the park, in a corner of the central plaza, there is a barrier free universal room equipped with two beds, a universal bed and air conditioning. If you feel unwell, feel free to use this room to take a rest. Also, there are two first-aid offices in the park.

Toei Animation Museum

Toei Animation MuseumOpened in September 2011, the Toei Animation Museum displays cell images, posters and other goods related to noted Toei animations. Here, there are booths for experiencing all the fun of making an animation, such as tracing original works, coloring animation characters via digital software on computers and recording your voice onto an animation scene. Also, there is a 3D animation theater space and a character goods shop.

Studio entrance

Studio entranceThis is a new entrance/exit that provides easy access to JR Uzumasa Station. The ticket booth here is equipped with a first-aid office and a universal toilet. To get to this entrance, head to the west side of the park, passing between the ninja house and haunted house and then through the film studio. As you move along, you will see large pieces of equipment (boats and floats, etc.) on display on the other side of the gate. These exhibits sometimes differ, but they are all movie sets that can be touched, so this is one last chance to have some fun before you reach the exit.

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