Offer Kyoto universal sightseeing info

recommended sightseeing courses

Round in the Raku-bus with foreign languages
Enjoy the scenic beauty of the tour Kyoto
Feel relaxing atmosphere in kyoto.
Kyoto-Gyoen and Bunko-experience.
Visiting Hotspots
Umeko-ji enjoy course
Refreshing walking course
Chance to try pilgrim lodgings in a temple
Taking on the Paving Stones
Nearly all downhill on this Higashiyama Strolling course
Really refreshing the soul
Course for rich enjoyment Arashiyama bamboo grove and gardens
Feasting on Yudofu
Rakuto course linked up by philosopher’s Walk
Enjoying Culture and Art
Okazaki Course Brimming with Tradition, Life and Art
Places You will want to visit Again and Again
Popular Temple Course Depicting the Essence of kyoto
Geisha encounters
Course for discovering traditional arts of Kyoto
Eating and Shopping
Delicious shopping course in kyoto’s pantry
One Day Ticket
North Kyoto Bus-and-Subway Day Ticket Course
Let's take the subway
Tourist attraction course of Rakuchu
Town Tour
Historic Course
Meeting Samurai
Course for an Immersion in History and Culture
Enjoying the Sights
Use your senses to the full on the Fushimi & Higashioji Course
An undeveloped woodland area near a village where temples and nature are harmonized
Ohara walking course
Get to know Emperor Daigo and Ono no Komachi
Ono & Daigo Course

Wheelchair Sightseeing Model Courses

Wheelchair Rental in Arashiyama
Arashiyama and Sagano tour
Wheelchair Rental
Course for Relishing the Bamboo Groves and Parkland Arashiyama
Wheelchair Rental in Fushimi
Visiting Shrines in Fushimi Deeply Connected with Japanese Sake Industry

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